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I’m A Super-Human, I can Eat What I Want – How Meat Eaters Confront Vegans

I'm A Super-Human, I can Eat What I Want

To many meat-eaters, it may sound strange, stupid, or even outrageous if you mistakenly ask them to quit using animal products and go vegan.

I understand it’s natural; people love their food; almost all of us have been conditioned to adapt to a particular eating habit from ever since we were a baby.

However, as we grow, we learn. And, with learning, it becomes crucial that we make informed choices and not let any form of “conditioning” get better of our ability to reason.

It isn’t surprising that for meat eaters it may not be easy at first - it hasn’t been for any of us - to accept that there exists a better way of life, the vegan way.


Pro Vegan Argument With Meat Eaters

Being a vegan, we often have arguments with our friends, office colleagues and even with our relatives about not eating meat and using animal products.

And, at times, you know how they would be at their wit's end putting all the energy only to prove you wrong. That’s when you see reasons evaporate at godspeed, and all your rational and scientific arguments mocked with a bunch of misinformed insanely bizarre and funny statements often ending in flimsy taunts.

While their statements are funny, it isn’t funny at all. It is sad.

A sad reflection of the fact that people can go to such lengths of stupidity only to defend an evil practice. A practice which is all about mercilessly taking a life, every day - just to make their lives more comfortable.  

That’s beyond selfish; it is cruel.

We have to make better choices instead of killing a poor soul to fill our bellies.


On a lighter note, let’s take a look at some of the most common, stupid and funny arguments that meat-eaters take pride in; especially when they try to be a smug and challenge the idea of being a vegan.

1. It is my choice. I can eat what I want

Wow! You can eat what you want…. Really?

Why don’t you do us a favour and please chew some of the plastic bags and empty packets thrown in the open on the street?

Alternatively, maybe for a change of taste, you can drink some of the toxic waste flowing into the rivers

Don’t you think a superhuman like you who can eat what he wants doing this twice a week at Juhu or Chaupati would be an excellent service to the environment?

By the way, Bon Appetit!


2.Eating meat is natural. We have canines like animals.


We have many things common with many different animals, and so we should behave like animals. Why not?

Just because you have canines doesn't mean you should kill and eat meat. Remember that you can kill your hunger without having to kill other living beings.

Ask yourself. Being a human should you be behaving like absolute animals?

Apart from canines we also have a brain, a sense of compassion, a wealth of evolution. Is it that difficult to find a better purpose for your teeth than tearing the flesh of dead and helpless animals?

Sure You May Want To Date Him As Well - With All Respect To The Pronouns
Sure You May Want To Date Him As Well - With All Respect To The Pronouns

3. Animals eat animals and men are social animals.

Do you wipe with leaves, or you leave it as it is?

4. As if being a vegetarian is not enough, what’s your problem with drinking milk?

The milk from the cow/buffalo/camel is for the calf, not for you. You’ve already had enough of your mother feeding while you were a child.

Grow up!

5. You don’t know anything, in ancient times we used to hunt animals, and there was no agriculture.

If you’re a meat-eater, reading this, and if you ever had any similar thoughts, feel free to smash your phone or computer and take a ticket to 3000 B.C.

You would fit in better there, as it seems that you are still living in that era!

Also, please don’t forget to show your canines when they welcome you to that cave!

6. Bhai To Khayenge Kya? (Then what are we going to eat?)

There is this whole list of Vegan diets to explore.

Just because you haven’t thought of reconsidering your eating habits you don’t know about it.

Find out and research more about vegan food and trust me, delicioso and saboroso finger licking vegan recipes will blow you.

Best of all, you’ll feel satisfied to be Pro-Life with better reasons to take pride in your eating habits rather than being an animal killer.


I agree, in our society, the scope for exploring or re-considering one’s food choices can be shockingly limited due to multiple reasons.

But haven’t we sought for better alternatives, better lifestyle, a better society, a better future by making better choices - even when it meant to challenge the existing and dominant ideas?

Why can’t we do the same with our Food Habits?

What’s stopping you from going Vegan?

Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below. Also, you can add to the list from any such argument you remember.



Utsav is a writer and web-content strategist. He believes in sanctity of life in any form and stands against animal cruelty. One of his secrets he doesn't mind sharing is he loves walking in the rain and never misses an opportunity to embrace the drops.

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